Monastery yard (former Dominican monastery)

St. Heinrich/St Henry minster

Built around 1300, the monastery was closed with the advent of the Protestant Reformation 1539–1548. Inside the minster you can find rare remains of fresco-secco paintings from around 1400. None of the minster's original interior remains today, as for many centuries it was used for purposes other than intended. The consecration of the Catholic church St. Heinrich took place in 1957. In 2000/2001, the church was extensively renovated.

City museum

The city museum was founded in 1861. Since 1923, exhibitions are shown at the former chapter house of the monastery. At the chapter house and the first floor, you can find remarkable rib vaults. Closed down in 1984, the museum reopened in 1993 following a large-scale restoration. As part of the restoration, the adjoining building at the North (with remains of the summer refectory at its centre) was integrated into the architectural ensemble as the new entrance building. The museum is open all year round (Tue–Sun, bank holidays 10:00–17:00). On show is an exhibition about the history of the city, and you can also see changing special exhibitions and gallery concerts.



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