Pirna – A city with a long history

The marketplace of Pirna by Canaletto

From the first recorded mention in 1233 by Bishop Heinrich von Meißen, continuing with the Great Northern War around 1706, right to the more recent flood disaster in 2002, Pirna's history has been anything but quiet. Read more to find out how Pirna became the city we know today.

Interesting facts about Pirna

Once upon a time...

Learn about the historical milestones in Pirna's history (in chronological order). more


Pirna's coat of arms

Pirna's oldest known seal was a Gothic pointed shield depicting two crossing branches with leaves and pear. Pirna's coat of arms from before 1549 can still be seen at the Eastern side of the old Town Hall entrance, between pilasters and a staggered structure with dolphins. The painted 1555 coat of arms of Electoral Saxony can be seen underneath the 3rd floor. more

Canaletto in Pirna

Famous Italian landscape painter Canaletto (real name Bernardo Bellotto) painted more vedutes (landscape paintings) of Pirna than of Dresden. For that reason, until the 18th century, Pirna was more prominent than nearby Dresden. more