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Historical documents of the city archive

Pirna city archive

The city archive in Pirna stores records, deeds, official chronicles, etc., starting from the 13th century until today. These archive documents give an account of the City Council's and the City Administration's work and activities and thus, of Pirna's history.

Over the centuries, valuable items, but also copious amounts of material have accumulated. If all documents of 30 cm length would be lined up, they would amount to a total of 3.3 km. The archive also holds about 8,000 maps and construction drawings as well as roughly 2,000 photos and posters.

Come and visit the archive and discover treasures hidden in the city's "memory". All the information on the city's history is an aid to help you prepare your research.


Pirna city archive (Stadtarchiv Pirna)

Postfach 10 02 53/54
01782 Pirna
Tel.: +49 3501 515-4455

Kreisarchiv Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge
Stadtarchiv Pirna

Location: Schloßhof 2/4 (Haus EF)

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